Sue Nichol
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Sue Nichol

I find constant inspiration in the sea in all its moods and it is a subject to which I am invariably drawn, striving always to capture its movement and strength, which I find both fascinating and frightening.

The wild hills and moors of North Yorkshire and Derbyshire provide a different challenge and I love to paint them as they are exposed to the extremes and intensity of light. I try to capture a particular atmosphere created, sometimes fleetingly, by swiftly changing weather conditions and am fascinated by nature’s ability to present a landscape in so many different tempers.

I paint using oils, acrylics and ink and revel in the flexibility of these media. I use brushes, fingers, sticks, knives, pens or anything else to hand to make marks on the canvas. Using various materials, such as sand, paste, even sea-coal, to create texture my paintings are a mixture of bold strokes and impasto effects. More subtle areas are created through the use of glazes and fine brush work.

I hope my viewers are able to uncover in my work some of the magic I feel in the places I am inspired to paint.

Please note, I am presently available to undertake commission work.